Common AC Repairs

Arab Refrigeration company offers quality repairs for commercial air conditioning in Doha and the surrounding areas in Qatar. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency services, so you won’t have to worry about staying without your valuable air conditioning for long.

Here are three of the more common repairs that commercial ACs may need:

1. Sealing refrigerant leaks and recharging refrigerant

The refrigerant blend inside an air conditioner is an essential part of the heat exchange process that allow the system to work. Leaks can begin to appear in the refrigerant lines as the air conditioner ages, and this will impair the cooling capacity of the system and could even lead to a full breakdown of the compressor. Repair technicians use special equipment to find refrigerant leaks, and then seal them and restore the lost refrigerant to its proper level.

2. Fixing blower fans and motors

Commercial spaces require powerful blower fans to distribute the air from the air conditioner throughout the rooms. The fans in a commercial AC undergo a great deal of stress and their motors can burn out or the fan itself sustain damage. Technicians will replace any broken motors and do what is necessary to get the blower fan working properly again.

3. Thermostat recalibration

Because businesses often require a large network of thermostats to control the temperature, any error with a singly thermostat that makes it read the temperature incorrectly can lead to a faulty AC. The technicians will recalibrate the thermostat so that it accurately gauges the indoor temperature and adjusts the air conditioner accordingly.

To help ensure that your air conditioner will need as few repairs as possible, schedule routine maintenance for the system. The best time for maintenance from an HVAC professional is during the spring before the major heat arrives. Arab Refrigeration is a HVAC & Refrigeration contracting company in Qatar which provides all kinds of air conditioning services in Doha, Qatar. Learn more at:


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