Tips for a Healthier Air Conditioning

Indoor air quality is one of the chief concerns among many health experts worried about environmental effects on our lungs and immune systems. If the outdoor air quality is poor, chances are high that your indoor air quality is not much better. In fact, it’s often much worse.
That’s because your air conditioner runs and recycles air over and over again throughout the day. Stale air that’s full of contaminants can make you sick, or it can severely aggravate your allergies and asthma symptoms. But air conditioning specialists can help make your home’s air cleaner.

Cleaning Advice

First, some tips. If the surfaces in your home are not as clean as you’d like, then neither is the air in your home. Keep your home a healthier place and make the air you breathe cleaner by making a few small changes.

  • Get a HEPA-filtered vacuum, and work slowly from the outsides to the center of the room.
  • Throw a yard sale. Getting rid of old clothing, kids’ stuffed animals, and other clutter helps to reduce dust.
  • Have friends and family members take off shoes and outerwear in the entryway and change after long periods spent outdoors.
  • Dive into spring cleaning by cleaning behind appliances, on top of bookshelves, and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Indoor Air Quality Installations

If you call a heating and air conditioning expert about your indoor air quality issues, you can get a new installation to make your air even cleaner. The standard air filter simply does not do the trick as well as some of these installations.

Air Filtration System – An air filtration system uses a larger surface area due to a pleated filter media that works better than the average filter.
Electronic Air Cleaner – This type of system uses ionization to give a charge to particles in the air like pollen, pet dander, and dust.
UV Light Cleaner – Ultraviolet light can kill germs like bacteria and viruses on contact, which means they are sterile and can do no harm to your immune system.

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